Tuesday, March 28, 2017

food, chores, pad, freedom

* Gut full, I sit browsing food recipes and drooling at food photos. Go figure.

* Thank all above for several mellow cloudy rainy days when I am not pursued by garden chores.

* A clear plastic desk pad with photos and art post cards tucked underneath.

* The lamp conveys a pool of light that illuminates my book until I finish--Sofia has escaped the Paris concert hall and the Count has left his prison hotel to tramp into countryside he has not seen for years = freedom. And my freedom also. Sitting alone (oops! A dog shares the sofa) at midnight, the city hushed, the invalid tucked up, tomorrow's food simmering on the counter.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

do, days, do not

* "What do I know? Hell, I don't even suspect anything."

* Mellow, misty, subdued days when I can say, "Oh, gee. I'll read all day." And I do.

* Released from scheduled cooking and meals.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

glasses, coffee

* "I'll be glad when I get my new glasses. Maybe then I can see."
   "Honey, you don't have your old glasses on!"

* A woman of respectable age at the coffee shop wearing jolly running shoes with red laces: "I'm taking some coffee to my friend in the nursing home. She likes good coffee!"

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

tidy, roll, rosemary

* What joy! I tidy the east end of garden #4--rake the dead leaves off stones, ferret leaves from under the lilacs, create a red brick barrier, comb dead grasses. Muscles aching, I finally go inside when the wind picks up and begins to play with leaves.

* Later I sit in the sunshine surveying my work while the dogs roll in the grasses.

* I brush leaves of the rosemary when I walk by.

Monday, March 6, 2017

so what, toast, tape

* Thinking cap on.....
    face screwed up into unrecognizable form......
    hands thrown up into the air:
    What is wrong with putting catsup on a steak?
    So what to use scotch tape on a men's tie?

* I have a son who puts A-1 sauce on toast.

* In ancient times when the dress code demanded that we girls wear skirts or dresses to school I used scotch tape to repair saggy, disconnected hems.

flags, grey, off

* The flags outside the hospital are snap cracking in the wind.

* A large grey short table (actually two picnic table benches pushed together) piled with newly purchased books placed there so I can remember where I put them. "Now all we need is a samovar on it."

* The supremely wonderful super power of maneuvering the off switch on tv, radio, telephone, lights,  computer, thinking.....

Sunday, March 5, 2017

books, rugs, shed

* I sit on the floor, a rampart of gardening books surrounding me.

* Hardwood floors, totally devoid of rugs.

* I found a shed. (Whisper) I. Found. A. Shed.