Sunday, December 25, 2016

palette, hygge, bed

* The landscape's winter palette.

* hygge

* The sofa is a dog bunk bed--one perches upon the back while the other claims the seat.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Alan, book, vapor

* "I think there should be laughs in everything. Sometimes, it's a slammed door, a pie in the face or      
   just a recognition of our frailties."  Alan Rickman

* The visit to booklandia:comfortable chair, soft sunlight through lace curtains, Midnight in Broad  Daylight, reading as I walk to the door to let the dogs out. I am suddenly aware of the time when my lodger returns.

* The misty swirl of vapor escaping.

Friday, December 23, 2016

squirrels, pattern, plot

* Four squirrels scamper in the back. I realize that one of them has black fur.

* I found knitting that I stored away months ago and my fingers remember the intricate pattern of stitches.

* Realizing plot twists and anticipating the final scene, I begin to rewrite the story in my imagination.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Moon, Beckham, Treats

* "The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow,
     Gives the luster of mid-day to objects below..."

* overheard:
   "I'd like to kiss David Beckham....I'd like to kiss Victoria Beckham!"

* Christmas treats laid out in a small post office.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

nerve, H, E

* Alas sciatic you do me wrong
   To twang and shiver so dramatically.
   And I have appreciated you so long
   Delighting in your efficiency (and usefulness).

   Sciatic nerve was my delight
   Sciatic nerve my aid to flight
   Sciatic nerve so long and wide
   You stretch from my bum to my tootsies.

   Hot water bottle will ease the pain
   Contort to stretch the piriformis
   Hamstrings must now be straightened
   All for my beloved sciatica.

(A tip of the hat to Henry VIII)

* Thrilled to remember the name of Hiawatha's gramma.

* Eucalyptus........


Series, soup, place

* At the end of series 4 I find that I have much sympathy for Regina, the antagonist. Elizabeth invites her to Ash Park to tyranize Sarah and to facilitate giving her,S,the boot. Everybody hates her, R, when she finds Sarah's long lost husband. George (the brother-in-law she, R, has secretly loved for years) marries her, R, to further his political career and  does not want to hooch-coo with her because he is in love with Sarah who is pregnant with his,G's, child. Regina ends up in a straight jacket addicted to morphine while George and Sarah blissfully stroll across the sheep meadow with the baby David in arm. Their, G and S, biggest concern being not to tromp into sheep poop.
   My troubles drift out the window.

* "Soup of the day:bourbon"

* "A living place should be a sanctuary. It has to be a place where you can reflect on your life."
   Holy Mother of the Boy with the birthday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

chair, tea, line

* "Is this chair being used?"
   It is obviously empty but I thought I had better ask because her imaginary friend might be
   occupying it.

* Celestial Seasonings. The only tea to serve  in a nursing home.

* The fine line between goofy and nerdy.