Monday, October 23, 2017

points, sleep, flight

* I am flummoxed. (don't know what it means but always liked the sound of it) I am semi packed to leave a dog sitting job and only just now realized that for a week I have had my cardinal points mixed. Last night I was fumbling with my phone and found the compass. South is not where I thought it was. All the palm trees have misled me. Couldn't see the sunset properly.

* Why are dogs like children? They drag (yes, literally) you out of bed at a godly hour, demand nutrition.....then wump  back to sleep. Can I return to sleep? Hades no. The garbage I have not put in the bin for a week thumps me in the nose while my guilt at eating the cupboard bare squashes my brain.

* So, another flight tomorrow. Another struggle for luggage at the carousel, another marathon to the shuttle. Moving on, moving on, moving on.

Friday, October 20, 2017

alleys, aerie, drink

* I pine for alleys. I miss alleys. I grew up with an alley. An alley to short cut through. To burn trash in (a perfect way to learn about fire--how to start, control, put out,effects of wind on). To view the other sides of people's lives. (Riding a train is another way to do that.) I am viewing an alley right now at the apt where I am dog sitting. (Always thought that was weird "Sitting on a dog") I am high up and looking straight down a paved (fancy!) alley with brick and adobe fences which come right up to the alley's sides. I would have to bounce like a ball to see over them and into backyards. This part of town has utility poles with lines crisscrossing the alley.

* Not many distractions in my dog sitting aerie (sp? 'High up nest'). No radio, tv, internet sketchy. Wallowing in books and knitting and watching a huge dog sleep in my favorite chair. The boys' school plays taps at 9 every night and bells of the church chime hourly.

* I walked to the local farmers' mkt yesterday. Had a cold icy mint-cucumber-lime drink. Found the NYT.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

consume, plane, plane

* "Consume before January 2018" ha, ha!

* A younger than I thin man sits beside me on the plane wearing a hassock? Cossack? Oh, yes....a cassock. He begins praying before we taxi from the gate and continues over 2 states. "Then decided there was no point."

* The magicness of descending down through the clouds. There is land below, right?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

upheaval, tree, hair

* I have such intestinal upheaval when anticipating a trip. And during a trip. And for a brief time when I come home from a trip. Then it, the upheaval, retreats and I am relieved that I went. This is the case no matter how far or long the trip, grocery runs included. Been happening forever. So at last now when I am hurtling (not the stomach contents) down the 5 at 6 I know I will live. And I will be glad I went, travelled.

* My neighbor is admiringly organized. His maple tree drops its leaves all in one day. He mows them up the next.

* I have found at the beginning of my umth decade my perfect person of hair cutting.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

intent, taps, fireworks, awe

* I am intent upon reading in the sunshine then suddenly there are 50 young boys chanting at the top of their lungs. All levels of deep voices.

* Taps at bedtime.

* The fireworks at Disneyland always surprise me, heard from a distance.

* In awe of a son who figures out intricate math and geometry mixed in with customer interaction.

pie, aging, dancing, stop, crack

* Dinner with the nuns. Punkin pie oh my!

* I don't believe in aging..I believe in forever altering one's aspect to the sun. V Woolf

* Dancing on the edge is the only place to be.

* When someone yells "STOP", I don't know if it's in the name of love, it's hammer time or if I should collaborate and listen.

* There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in. L Cohen

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

post, pelican, fishing

* "The border post was like a dreary English bus station, plus, machine guns."
    Antonia Fraser

* I would like to come back as a pelican so I could carry books, pen, paper, photo ID, my throat.

* A person fishing pauses with line still in the water to nibble an ear of corn.