Monday, June 25, 2018

knit, accomplish, knit

* Seen on a t-shirt:
     Knitters---writing code since the 11th century.

* A contented feeling of having accomplished my list today in a calm, mellow  way.

* I wallow in knitting porn, dogs snoozing beside me, until I realize the time.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

je suis revenu

je suis revenu......

* Winding my way to the post office, I pause in the roadway to allow 6 (6!!) wild turkeys to cross. The man in front of me has pulled to the side of the road to get out of his car and I hold my breath while he finds a box in his car's trunk. (No, no. Not a gun, I think. Hunters are fine but this would be too easy, too much like a....turkey shoot. Is it even hunting season?) A camera is his quest. When I return home my room mate tells me 6 turkeys crossing the road in front of one means exciting adventures in the coming year.

* "Just put the cardboard back into the closet."
   (After he has fixed the door with it.)
   "Ohhhh! Your closet smells nice!"
   "Good. That means no one pooped in it..."

*  I pause for awhile at the stop sign because a red winged blackbird has lighted on the pavement beside my car (and I do not see many of those here). My mesmerized self suddenly realizes that I must move on but ah, only a motorcycle is behind me.

*  I follow 2 cyclists up and down hills until we all reach the stop sign. As we pause, a motorcycle cuts his left turn too closely surprising all three of us. Like dominos both cyclists go down. We three giggle.

Friday, May 18, 2018


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

mouse, corn, corn

*  Everything is well with the movers until he tips the refrigerator back onto the dolly. A stiff, long dead mouse falls out of the insides. I pick the mouse up with a paper towel, hoping the mover did not see last fall's visitor. He does not mention it.

* The window installer calls in sick and I work on my disappointment some of the day, finally loosing it when I see the California corn on the cob at the market.

* I cannot remember how to boil long? I missed the season last year.

Adele, garden, newly met

* As to Adele's party....aren't we all on the Titanic?

* I survey the garden in the just awake early morning...
   yes, that works...
   ah, what was I thinking ...
   how green, how green....
   the blooms, the blooms...
   and I just BE before life steals me away.

* Take 14 Americans newly met, tethered to their homes and lives. Shake together for 12 days. Add one insecure       Canadian not really dripping with truths.  Zen moments. We carry ourselves packed away in our baggage. I giggle at the shifting buddy relationships. I work to analyze just what of my sense of humor, my life, I can expose without freaking everyone and cutting gossamer strings of understanding. My ever  present knitted cap, "Why do you wear it even on the bus?" ("Chemo left me bald.")"How long ago   
did you have chemo?" I answer calmly and find common ground--movies, books, experiences. And delight in what of themselves they expose to me, what they will trust me with. Doing what I like best--being interested in them. At the last night drinks party the group conversation turns to assisted suicide and pulling life support decisions and I am so ready to go home.

Monday, May 7, 2018

maybe, grammar, robert

* Maybe if we all sit extremely still, Monday will not be able to see us.

* Grammar:
        The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.

* Robert Donat

Sunday, May 6, 2018

home, travel, car

* O Canada.....but hooray HOME

* Travel burns away non essentials.

* Wait, now. What color is my car?