Sunday, December 10, 2017

sunset, sat, nuts

* Having been a grumble bunny all day I flop onto the sofa, continuing to grumble wretchedly. When the dog uses my stomach to catapult onto the back of the sofa my head jerks towards framed paintings on the wall and I catch the sunset's reflection. The sunset's gorgeous brilliancy. I glance toward the lace curtained window just beyond the rosemary plant's silhouette. Looking out the window later I can see the section of the garden once full of prickly, hurtful thistles now weeded and clean after today's work. 

* The last episode of a series satisfyingly executed.

* I have heard people mention 'It's a Wonderful Life' and the movie about the boy's gun as their favorite Christmas movie......My very favorite and the movie I return to all year 'round is 'Mixed Nuts'. When Steve Martin yells that his problem is a "weeny, woony one".......When Steve and Liev dance together, oh my! Adam and his uke...Madeleine stuck in the elevator.....

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

m'gram, WIP's, fierce

* I am awash in a sea of pink (never my favorite color). 

* I giggle realizing how many photos of WIP's I see displayed by people in their pajamas.

* A day of fierce, cold wind=lovely.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


* Old well used well worn suitcases.

* Baskets.

* Cross body well used bags

* Satchels

Friday, December 1, 2017

Tony!, promise, ikons

* Oh!! Tony Shalhoub. Kiss. Kiss. "The Marvelous Mrs Maisel"

* When hollow with lack of sleep  I promise myself a return to bed after fulfilling appointments (this morning a blood draw). Just the promise catapults me out of bed. Just the glowing hope of returning to the coziness of a warm dog filled bed gets me to the place I need to be. Oddly, I hardly ever return to bed after the appointment. Other tasks get tidily checked off--well, I am in this side of town so I will do this and this and this until all the boxes are filled and I realize darkness is coming.

* I carry with me always little ikons from Greece in a Hawaiian pouch.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

escape, bacon, home, write

* I escape overnight to another town for my first Christmas party this year. Lovely! (Another one on Saturday)

* At breakfast I have bacon, thick long bacon, for the first time in months.

* And then home in the early morning. Home to furry dogs and touching base, catching up, with my room mate.

* "You don't put yourself in what you write. You find yourself there."

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


* Cogitating, as R and I so often did----how do we consider a person who creates aesthetically pleasing stuff but is a total s**t in personal life? Kicks dogs. Cheats on people. You know what I am writing about. 
This conundrum particularly came into our life when a man in our town who creates award winning books and is lauded by many shook and screamed at my 9 year old son at a party. End of my relationship with that author!  R persevered, even collaborating with the man.
And then there is a woman who screamed like a banshee (melting the telephone cord if I had one) at me the last time we (actually only she) spoke. I appreciated her networking ideas but come on.
This particular question is much in the news now.Do we compartmentalize? Do we cross them off our Christmas card list? Do we limit contact? Do we continue to pay $ to see, read, listen to their creations? Do we consider on individual cases?
Ah, well. This is not a gem except that it illustrates that I am still thinking, considering, being. 
And then Sam Shepard comes back to me: "Outfly them. Avoid situations that are going to take pieces of you. And hide out."

Sunday, November 26, 2017

measure, acorn

* I swear (frequently) if I had stacks of measuring (feet and inches) devices in every corner of this house I would not be able to find one when I need it. A woman who knits and moves furniture a bunch needs measuring devices always.

* I am knitting a sweater with interesting stitches and marvelous yarn the color of the inside of an acorn squash. What joy!