Thursday, December 7, 2006

Eyes, Prophecy, Gifts

1. The blue eyes of James, seen in a darkened theater.

2. Having my prophecy come to pass (which re-establishes my credentials). As we go into the theater, "When we come out it wil be snowing!" As we come out, blowing snow has covered the car.

3.Finding the gifts I want to give to people who do things for me all year but whom I cannot give a tip to. I asked each, "What shop would you go to if you had a little extra money that you would normally not go into because you did not have the money?" "The liquor store." "Home Depot." "Pier-1." "The Chocolate Shop."

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Lunch, Drip, Frogging

1. Lunching with a friend that I haven't seen in three years. Her new job is going well. She looks healthy and great.

2. Being able to walk on the sidewalks while hearing the drips of snow melting from roofs.

3. The disappointment of frogging followed by "Yes. This is the way I want this sweater to look!" after I begin again.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Afternoon movie, Trees, Sleep

1. Slipping away to the theater in the afternoon alone to see a movie.

2. The covered walkway just outside the market door is the display area for seasonal products. Christmas trees are there now and when I walk past them I breathe in their piney fragrance. My hand comes away smelling of pine when I brush my fingers over the shiny needles.

3. At last my sleep habits have adjusted back to home time--this morning was the first time that I did not wake up, eyes wide open at 3am.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giggle, Smooth pebbles, Shop

1. Everytime I walk past the bookshelf in the kitchen (which is often today because I'm Thanksgiving puttering) I giggle. On the top shelf is a tiny, sealed cloisonné box containing some ashes of one of my parents. Mom or Dad, I'll never know. I had one box of each on the shelf. I was organized. I knew which was which. Came a grand-daughter named Oracle and one of the boxes disappeared. I have no idea which remains remains. Either would appreciate the humor.

2. A difficult person is coming for lunch today. I dread the visit but while tidying the kitchen counter I found the smooth rocks I picked up on the beach at Cassis. I put them on the table around the flowers in the center. I vow that everytime I look at them I will feel the sun on my cheek again and remember how warm the Med water was.

3. The coffee shop is open today!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Basket, Respite, Icons

With a curtsy to Claire (3BT) I begin my "beautiful things" blog. My diamonds in the ruff, sparkling moments of grace in my day.

1. I found in a bike shop a black wire detachable basket for my bike just like the ones I coveted in France. First cargo: books.

2. A warm, blue skyed day -- a respite from winter and perfect for bike riding.

3. Icons from St-Julien-le-Pauvre gleaming gold on the shelf above my desk.