Wednesday, September 30, 2009

snuggle, illumination, canal

*Snuggling-in-the-morning weather. YES!!!

*The people across the street leave their shades open all the time. In the dark their building is in shadows with their 2 windows illuminated. It is like viewing a play...A human walks across through the bright lights (wearing whatever) mouth moving in speech and walks back on another path. Sometimes a man sits at a table with his back to us, eating while reading a book. An eerie insight into lives. (And fascinating to see how they decorated their apt.)

*I wake from a dream that begins in Paris and ends in Venice. R is with me but we loose one another in the crowd and my cellphone won't reach him. Suddenly I am in a gondola with Michelle Williams (whose picture I just saw at the bookstore) and her boyfriend, a polo player who models for Ralph Lauren. The gondola begins to sink influencing Michelle to leap out onto the plaza by St Mark's. I wake knee deep in canal with my purse flooded with water thinking, "I hope I do not get an eye infection like Katherine Hepburn." In real life the wind is tearing up the trees and a cold front is coming.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

K, swam, mull

*K comes over (with shiny purple-black toenails) when the men are out. We touch base--she had another job interview, I went to the computer store. The wine idea comes around again--the name, the source, just how do we do this? And we are off onto plans of concoctions together. More later....

*We swam yesterday. Will it be the last time outdoors this year? The water was warm but coming out was icy.

*I allowed myself to fidget from task to task today, all the while worrying that I would not accomplish anything using this agenda. But I did--the bills got paid, more (cheap) silverware got purchased to replace that which we continue to break, decisions were made. Time was there to mull on several yucky things I've been avoiding.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

no snow, sweaters, shadows, color

*Waking up to see that the weather forecaster is wrong--no snow.

*Pulling sweaters that I have not seen since May out of boxes and remembering when and where I knitted them. And remembering that they exist.

*Lying in bed in the morning watching the shadows created by the vertical blinds slowly disappear.

*K does not laugh at my horrid hair color but instead reassures me that it will fade.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


*Icy rain falling in a bowl created by mountains. A fitting place and weather for a Scottish fest. We walk through air dense with the aromas of food vendors--haggis, pasties, tea, whiskey, turkey legs, kettle corn. Ah! Refuge in an enormous white tent where I find a ring Heart tearing music created by men in swirling kilts. Leaping young ladies with hair in buns. Throwing of heavy metal balls. Hugh hairy dogs. Sheep gently guided around a pen by a dog in control. Happy people.

*My fingers are numb when we finally climb into the car.

*And the next day we visit a blue domed round church inside of which are men in long black robes with long beards. Chanting, incense, Greek hymnals. Aromas await us outside:lamb, spices, ouzo. Little girls heel and toe with arms in the air. The sun shines.


Yipes! I've missed a few days. Pardon. Later today....

Friday, September 4, 2009

pie, pink, wiggles

*Shepard's Pie with taties. We eat at a table facing the window so we can watch people passing by and also see a rather long truck back up onto the street.

*A completed pink sweater.

*Windex wiggles a ring off.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

end of day

Scene at the end of the day:

*fluffy tan dog sprawled at my feet,

*feet on wooden crate,

*knitting in hands,

*catching up with

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

click, moon, leaves

*The crisp click (though "politically incorrect" ) of a cigarette lighter.

*The moon as orange as a pumpkin, due to the fires.

*Cold nights hasten me to carry in the plants from the balcony. I distribute them around the apartment, even placing some on the book ledge by the window in the bedroom. First sight this morning, lovely. Sunlight filtering through the green leaves.