Saturday, June 19, 2010

gliding, patter,Lola

*Gliding through the pool in the near dark. The intense heat of the day has fled, the wind has died down, sags and wrinkles are semi-invisible and I know I will sleep well.

*The lovely patter between the doctor and nurse as they divert my thoughts from the impending injection. I count the seconds that the needle remains in my knees:3 seconds for the right, 4 for the left. And I am free to leave.

*Lola is coming for her first visit.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

booth, planters, sweetness

*Slipping into a booth while he finds a parking space, ordering a frozen margarita. When he comes through the door I watch him before he sees me. And he walks toward me, a ship toward its moor.

*Cleaning out the outside closet and thinking of all the gorgeous plants to grow in the empty planters.

*When I step outside the door a waft of sweetness engulfs me. What is this? Is it the neighbor's dryer sheet? A new floor cleaner someone below us is trying out? Question answered when I turn around and see the pot of purple petunias that I planted before I went to the beach. They are blooming profusely.

bush, pounds, layered

*When I left I could not even see the buds on the rose bushes and now they are a riot of color. One branch pokes through the fence surrounding the swimming pool:"Let me in, I want to swim."

*Curious to figure out which apartment the pounding is originating from.

*Fresh post-it notes layered in the colors of the rainbow.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

warm, mint,fan

*A warm teapots.

*Changing purses and finding a mint.

*The whirrrrr of a fan when I most need it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

believe, beach, reunion

*To have someone say "I believe you".

*Creatively finding ways to keep alive and precious the deep contentment found during two weeks on the beach.

*Anticipating a reunion with my Aunt Rose whom I have not seen since 195?.