Tuesday, September 29, 2015

fresh, relief, slogan, old news,across

* I tiptoe out having let the dogs run and then fed them. I am delighted to see the water on the grasses at the front of the house. The air, the air. So fresh.

* "You absorb news so calmly--not like people from the east."
It is not calmness, it is relief.

* She bought me a wooden board with a slogan on it.

* We talk of my 50,000 units of vitamin D. "Oh, it was pea size with little satellites hovering around it. Aggressive." All said in an underdramatic way--almost a postscript. Said long after the fear and anxiety have dissipated and I can say it nonchalantly to downplay that chapter.

* Looking across the table at two of my children and feeling great, great pride.

Monday, September 28, 2015

gather, weeding, weeding, relief

* To gather round a table in a convivial restaurant with relatives by law not seen for a while and catch up, gather ideas, exclaim 'bout where lives are taking us and in the end hugging goodbye 'till another time.

* The weeds in the east garden have been haunting me--at last I clear out one third of the mess.

* Weeding out indoor possessions--the yarn stash, holey worn-out faded stained clothes, books (torture).

* Finding that someone I usually watch TV with dislikes a show we thought we wanted to follow so we won't watch it anymore. Relief.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

contentment, push, poster

* In the late afternoon I sit at the scarred oak table looking out through the door, cup of coffee cooling at my elbow. The fish kite hung from the maple's limb barely sways . The grass is dappled with  sunlight, water glistening on blades. A Sunday contentment.

* Pushing him in the wheelchair through old town is quite nice. I feel the workout even in my gluts. I am in control of our pace and pause at windows to gaze at the displays--something I could not do if we were both walking. It would be, "Oh, what a lovely...ach, I cannot stop, he wants to go on." I can actually read the titles on book and gasp at the draping of clothing on the models. Giggle at posters for sale depicting sweaty male bicyclists.

* I buy a poster...the exact one that I removed from the wall when he said, "Take that down, my mother would not like it." 44 years ago. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

smoothie, meals, yellow

*  I have devised a healthy veggie smoothie that is palatable.

* I shopped at the food store for a week's worth of meal ingredients instead of higgedy-piggedy dashing to the shops throughout the week.

* Yellow chrysanthemums against a snow white wall.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gudrun, disconnect, drifting

* Gudrun Sjoden

* A successful effort to disconnect from farce politics.

* Drifting into another plane while being given a foot massage.

Monday, September 14, 2015

sprinkler, show, tents

* One foot of the sprinkler broke mid summer and now the other foot has split apart. If I position it just so on the lawn it still ejects its arc of water, beads of wet shimmering on the grass and a fizz resounding when water touches the tree leaves.

* Prabal Gurung's spring 2016 show. Shimmering, flowing vibrant colors.

* To sit in a large white tent drenched in sound--fiddle, guitar, squeeze box. Then I enter another tent and my chest is assaulted, beaten by drums.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


* Munching so loudly that the sound reverberates in my head and I cannot hear the conversation swirling around me=lovely.

* Sitting on the porch waiting for the moon to appear.

* Adding photos and snippets to my walk-in closet office.