Thursday, April 30, 2009


*My books are in order in wooden boxes which are lined up along the wall. Books that have been packed away in boxes for a year because..

*we have finally sold the house, moved to an apt.

*I thought birds would not come to the new birdfeeder on the balcony but instead I work hard at keeping the feeder full of seed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tiny one, relief, Ramotswe

*I've just met the new nearest neighbors--and I am moving tomorrow. I give them gardening tools--they are just beginning to garden. S tries to give me something in return as I try to explain my philosophy of passing things along. Then Maia smiles and I see her healthiness,smooth skin, bright eyes, and two tiny pearl new teeth--a payment for everything.

*I finally break down and spray mucous liquifier into my nose and can breathe properly for the first time in weeks.

*Mme Ramotswe.

Monday, April 27, 2009

pins, Monday, bag

*I found the push pins under the kitchen sink where I put them so that I would remember where I put them (and then promptly forgot where I put them). I pin my maps to the wall and they are in plain sight for the first time since a year ago when the first realtor told me they must come down if we ever hope to sell the house.Ah..Paris.Ah..French kings.

*Monday morning. Snow again. Joints ache (pig flu or osteoarthy?). Dog has first accident (?) ever in new apt (in the bathroom where we keep her at night so it's not so bad).Really not an accident bec I got up early and tried to get some work done before hauling her down the cold steps and did not hear her scratch the plastic bucket.As I shop for zinc the realtor calls to tell me the closing is Friday at 10a. Monday morning is redeemed.

*Not in the habit of organizing shopping bags in our new apt, I had none when I pulled into the carpark but found a small handled bag from a lovely gifty store (Bliss) tucked away in the back seat. 10 cent refund (not for the "schools", thank you. Who knows what they teach these days.).