Wednesday, May 6, 2009

seed, sign, seed

*Bereft of a garden to work in, I've planted the balcony and now I have my eyes on some open space nearby. I have hatched a plan to plant it. Twice a day I will walk through the open space and toss seeds. Updates to come.

*Sign, sign, sign. Over. Completed. Downsized. (1700 sq ft --->1000 sq ft)

*The downstairs neighbors don't like the bird seed which is kicked onto their deck with the resulting mice. We move the feeder. Crisis diverted.

Monday, May 4, 2009

sponge, tiptoe, it's back

*Walking in the early morning the turf is so saturated by the constant rain that it feels like a very wet sponge beneath my feet--quite unusual here.

*I have decided to walk instead of riding my bike and I am so relieved because worms cover the pavement and there would have been no way not to squash them with my bike but I can tiptoe around them with my feet.

*I keep being surprised by the gradual unfolding of spring and then wonder what did I expect? Did I think it would not come?

Friday, May 1, 2009

ride, wreck, neighbors

*Riding my bike early, through the mist to get to the cafe just as it opens. Droplets on my glasses. The air sucked into my lungs laboriously because it is so full of water. Then the welcoming glow of light coming from the cafe's windows. And warmth inside.

*Sitting down for breakfast, my hair is a wreck from the bicycle helmet. I am a pool of rumpletude amid perfectly (at this hour!!) coiffed and tidily dressed women.

*I hear car doors shut and know that our new neighbors have come to move in.