Tuesday, November 17, 2009

deplane, smoke, chartreuse

gems and impressions from a week in the woods:

*When I deplane vegetal air rushes to envelope me.

*Smoke of autumn follows me as I drive. A mother and children are gathered around red licking flames. Their clothes when they prepare for bed tonight will exude a reminder of their leaf fire and the potatoes Mom popped into the embers as a surprise.

*Chartreuse waxy brainscaped sphere, clean tangy aroma--maclura pomifera.

Friday, November 6, 2009

packing, no, time change

*Packing fly to a big city, drive to a cabin in a big woods.

*laptop, yes
laptop, no
laptop, no
therefore no gems for a while.

*Liking very much the results of the time change.

PS-- I so like the way brussel sprouts grown on their tough
looking, thick stalk. They are sold on stalk at the market so
shoppers angle them in the push basket (bec they are so
long) and I just found a good receipe for them that I'm
going to try when I come back from the cabin in the woods. It
-the receipe-involves forbidden thick bacon.