Saturday, September 13, 2014

in old age, deck, shed

*In old age I have arrived at the uncomplicated, emotionally level critique free place in which I refrain from tempting, hair (mine) pulling reactions to certain people.
 I thump myself on my higher nether region for being able to allow the stupidity and arrogant unkindness of said certain people with whom I interface (they truly are in my face)to slide out of my thoughts.
 Latest: a well known Canadian knitter who lectured locally Wednesday night
           GM-who attempts to blob to the surface of my mind frequently
           anyone who denigrates my knitting
----This is not a challenge to stupid, arrogant people.

*A Saturday on the sun drenched deck-especially knowing the number of such Sat's are limited.

*My yellow shed ("That could not be more yellow," said the deck repairman. Who if he reading this--which I doubt--I implore to return to said deck to complete its refurbishing!)