Tuesday, March 8, 2016

destroy, white, drive

*"Please stop destroying what is left of your heart by constantly thinking about things that have broken you."

*"Into the White"

*I set off alone early on a Sunday morning: the mail, medications for the one I am caregiving. Then a right turn and I am on a favorite road up, up around the Res ("the water is low=the red of the earth is exposed"). Past empty camping spots and up again, the road barely paved with a drop-off on the right and shear cliff on the left. (the snot road we call it) Runners and bicyclists to maneuver around. And they will turn off at the trailhead. They do and I am left alone on the road. How many times do I pull off to let persistent cars and motorcycles pass for I want to amble. No one will push me today. Past the quarry scars on the hillsides, past the llamas, the tree farms. Then the school ("I'm not going to that school")Left into a town. Left on the road back home. So satisfied.