Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giggle, Smooth pebbles, Shop

1. Everytime I walk past the bookshelf in the kitchen (which is often today because I'm Thanksgiving puttering) I giggle. On the top shelf is a tiny, sealed cloisonné box containing some ashes of one of my parents. Mom or Dad, I'll never know. I had one box of each on the shelf. I was organized. I knew which was which. Came a grand-daughter named Oracle and one of the boxes disappeared. I have no idea which remains remains. Either would appreciate the humor.

2. A difficult person is coming for lunch today. I dread the visit but while tidying the kitchen counter I found the smooth rocks I picked up on the beach at Cassis. I put them on the table around the flowers in the center. I vow that everytime I look at them I will feel the sun on my cheek again and remember how warm the Med water was.

3. The coffee shop is open today!

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