Sunday, October 11, 2009

a knock, first snow, jacket

*A knock on the red door. I wrap my yarn around the hand. "Can you come over for a minute?"
The wind and cold smack my face but it is a mere 5 steps before I am enveloped by warm air (furnace is on). Then I see---three sunflowers on canvas, their round seed centers a deep, rich brown-black. A partial leaf peeks out among the yellow petals. K has painted a canvas for me. How can I wait until it is dry so that I can hang it? (I know which wall already.)

*A first snow. Is it too early? The most common question from the people--adults and children--that I meet when I walk Khaki:"Does she like the snow?"

*In previous winters I've layered through the cold weather--sweaters, hoodies, scarves. Today I found a warm jacket with mitten pockets in the shop.

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