Saturday, February 6, 2010

costumes, word, attitude

*The day after viewing The Young Victoria I am still marveling at the sumptuous costumes, at Emily Blunt's decolletage, her collarbone structure. Victoria's photos do not convey her vivaciousness but it certainly comes through in the movie.

*I read the critique of the scene in which Victoria first sees Albert. Her use of the word "Hello!"is anachronistic or in the least the word was not used by her class and I understand what the writer of the critique was saying but her use of the word certainly conveys her vitality and youthfulness.

*Blunt's body language conveys much. In the scene with the new Prime Minister Robert Peel, Victoria's back is ramrod straight as she, a young woman new to the throne, asserts her authority. After he leaves the room she slumps and sprawls back into the armless chair, the reason for a regal attitude no longer present.

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