Saturday, February 27, 2010

visit, gramma,earring

*He visits, cooks. A week later I cannot find things in the kitchen. I smile.

*My two grown sons visit their dying gramma and bring her happines.

*I find a lost dangly earring under the car seat just as I was about to
make a necklace of its mate.

Friday, February 26, 2010

ride,melting,period clothing

*An hour's bike ride on the path+ "The Last Station"+ An hour's bike ride home.=bliss

*Melting snow has flowed across the sidewalk. It is a continuous graph. Stalactites. Craggy mountains silhouetted.

*The clothing of Countess Tolstoy. Pure white lace. Her upswept hair.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

clouds, balm, zip, feisty

*Snow clouds form over the western mountains reminding me of the short moments right before the curtains open at a play:anticipation, movement, shadow and light.

*New mint lip balm flavored just like my first lipstick.

* She has not dressed warmly enough so I give her my grey winter coat which overwhelms her small weight loss frame. As she ties the hood I bend down to zip and it reminds me of all the zippers I have raised for squirmy children.

*When I remind R to pick up his Mom's medicine I say,"Watch out or she'll feisty you." (From the time her doctor said, "She's feisty.")

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chinese, hung in a row, willows

There is a bit of a discussion about finding gems in daily life. Some people say it is proper to find something nice and put it after a comma or however ("The rain ruined the picnic however"," the grass turned a lovely green.) So Pollyanna. Bah! A gem is walking down a black and white street and turning the corner into vivid technicolor without even mentioning the black and white. Bumbling about then gobsmacked.

*Discovered a hole in the wall out of the way delicious Chinese-Japanese-Thai restaurant a brief walk from the old homestead.
*The sheep and lambs are finally hung in a straight line as though a load of wash.
*Pussy willows--fuzzy, pearly.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

bread, egg, thumping

*A really terrific loaf of bread. needs nothing slathered over it. aroma, texture,density,flavor,grain flawless.

*A still warm egg.

*I hear the thumping on the outside stairs and know that they are home safe.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

costumes, word, attitude

*The day after viewing The Young Victoria I am still marveling at the sumptuous costumes, at Emily Blunt's decolletage, her collarbone structure. Victoria's photos do not convey her vivaciousness but it certainly comes through in the movie.

*I read the critique of the scene in which Victoria first sees Albert. Her use of the word "Hello!"is anachronistic or in the least the word was not used by her class and I understand what the writer of the critique was saying but her use of the word certainly conveys her vitality and youthfulness.

*Blunt's body language conveys much. In the scene with the new Prime Minister Robert Peel, Victoria's back is ramrod straight as she, a young woman new to the throne, asserts her authority. After he leaves the room she slumps and sprawls back into the armless chair, the reason for a regal attitude no longer present.

3 verbs,water in air, youngsters

*We sit around thinking up parodies of "eat, pray, love".
wash, rinse, repeat.
slip, shovel, walk.
gorge, burp, throw up.
dig, bury, forget about.
buy, purchase, go bankrupt.
drink, collapse, repeat.
stop, look, listen.
fold, spindle, mutilate.
gut, skewer, roast.

*The moisturized difference of just fifteen minutes of a purring humidifier.

*In every aisle of the market today are children being pushed in carts. I love to watch them--their tiny fingers, babyfine hair,soft round cheeks--and remember when mine were young.


February, footprints, chocolate

*It must be February--last night lying in bed I began to plan the garden.

*Footprints pressed into mud now frozen in place on the path of my daily walk--dog (of course), raccoon, bird, duck, human, horse.

*Chocolate gluten free cupcakes baking.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

limit, making music, fish bowl

*I decided to limit my time being with people who do not want me to sing or whistle.

*I buy a harmonica.

*As I walk past the fish tanks at the Vietnamese restaurant a little girl in a puffy pink winter jacket stands by a large black bowl of fish which is just at her height. Her finger slowly creeps along the rim of the bowl toward a large orange-gold fish. She so much wants to pet the fish, to touch its shininess.