Wednesday, February 3, 2016

stuck, 1915, nisei

* The day begins with my feeling overburdened by caregiving. When I attempt to back out of the driveway the car gets stuck. A neighbor from across the street comes to push me out. A neighbor who has had nothing to do with me since I moved in. A neighbor who brushed me off when I crossed the street to say hello four years ago.  I tell her to please do not hurt herself pushing my car. Her sister drives up and lends a hand. Marcos next door then comes to push. Oh, golly. My feeling of isolation and despair diminishes. The store when I get to it for medicine is full of jubilant college students regaling of snow adventures (I learn later they have a snow day from school). The pharmacy worker is kind to me. A stocker is cheerful. I arrive safely home, no more car stucks. The driveway has been shoveled  and the sidewalk is clear. When I sigh with relief as my head hits the pillow at night I stop and enumerate all the people who were kind to me today.Thank you all.

* "The Cut"

* Midnight in Broad Daylight

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