Saturday, January 13, 2007

Looks, Connoisseur, Pants

I am not young enough to know everything about marriage and married life. I only know that it is great fun to wallow on the sofa in my jammies on a Saturday morning while watching P.J. O'Rourke (interviewed for 3 hours) and exchange looks of laughter and "I get it" and "He's clever" and "I know what he means" with my husband. Munching on raisins, holding bodily functions in until the last crucial moment, the snow falling outside -- what is better?

Laughing at the connoisseur I am becoming this winter: "It's snowing." (Actually it is always snowing now.) "It's really snowing." "It's a whiteout." "It's cold." "It's really cold."

Laundry day is especially delightful today. There is not much laundry to do because I have worn two layers of sweatpants everyday all week. I switch the inside to the outside frequently so as to have a variety of color. So today I put them both into the washer and have a skirt on -- yes, I do have legs!

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