Thursday, January 31, 2008

garden shops,office, grocery

*A mid-winter visit to garden shops. By January, I lie in bed rearranging the garden, planning new plantings, considering how to nourish the soil, dreaming of the time I can jump out of bed early (in the daylight)to start digging and watering. So I begin to visit (should I say haunt?) garden shops. As soon as I walk through the Star Trek-like doors my glasses fog up and my nose fills with a woodsy, earthy smell. One shop has an indoor fish pond surrounded by lush plants.I usually begin to consider how I could saw a hole in the living room floor and dig a pond. This would not surprise my husband. Anyhow, a mid-winter visit to garden shops is a gem in my life today.

*The doctor's office we visited today has the largest waiting room that I have ever seen. It is never full and always clean. The attendants are cheerful. The scales is enormous. I begin to believe that I've landed on a space ship.

*I go out of my way to shop at a grocery not close to my house. I go there because the staff is cheerful, the produce is yummy looking, and I find items I have never seen before.

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