Thursday, January 17, 2008

path,movie, bookstore

A path has been carved diagonally by shortcut takers through a low (designed to catch the water run off) grassy open space. For weeks the snow has hidden it but today it is visable. I am warmed by the memory of taking the shortcut on my bike last summer with the sun in my eyes. The shortcut is so worn down that it is a trough and it takes effort to make my wheels escape from it when I want to go another direction.

The movie from the book The Kite Runner can stand on its own. Sometimes I am fearful of seeing a movie after having read the book--fearful that the scriptwriter and the whole production has made a mess of it. With trepidition I saw the movie and it was okay. Kabul as portrayed was well done, clothing accurate and thank heavens, there were subtitles--instead of everything in English. However, I would encourage everyone to read the book because there is much more depth, more tangents to the story as it was written. On our last trip to Paris a man who gave us directions at the airport was holding a copy of the book in French which helped connect us to his world.

Writing a list of interesting sounding books to take to the bookstore with me.

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