Friday, July 3, 2009

deadhead, beginnings, patterns

*In the fading light, I groom the balcony plants. New to the apartment, I did not know where the sun would be during the summer at various times of the day but since everything is in pots or planters I can move them around to accomodate their water and light needs. When I am done they almost perceptively vibrate with joy that the dead flowers and leaves have been taken off. "Whew, now I am so pretty and what a lot of dead weight has been removed!" Like the dog who wriggles with pleasure after I brush her.

*Sitting on the newly tidied balcony after I have taken the dog out in the early morning and listening to the neighbors come awake, seeing them freshly showered with coffee cup in hand getting into their cars or onto their bicycles beginning their days.

*Weather patterns roll so quickly through here. The day begins with a glaring, persistant sun and brilliant totally blue sky. At 2p hail and heavy rain is falling.

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