Monday, July 13, 2009

lillies, signs, sage

*Little Stevie from below tries to rouse my anger so I take the dog for a walk and around the corner...the daylillies are blooming my favorite yellow. Something yellow and special is always around the corner if I just walk towards it.

*How thoughtful for the city to announce by way of huge sign that in a week this street will be totally closed due to stimulus spending. I can plan to my route without any tedious, hot delays.

*The Russian sage is blooming. Woe to anyone who tries to shape and trim it! As with forsythia, Russian sage is most beautiful when left to its own sprawl. K runs through bushes of it and the musky aroma clings to her the rest of the day. When I touch the chair after the walk I leave a sage stickiness that is still there the next day.

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