Wednesday, September 30, 2009

snuggle, illumination, canal

*Snuggling-in-the-morning weather. YES!!!

*The people across the street leave their shades open all the time. In the dark their building is in shadows with their 2 windows illuminated. It is like viewing a play...A human walks across through the bright lights (wearing whatever) mouth moving in speech and walks back on another path. Sometimes a man sits at a table with his back to us, eating while reading a book. An eerie insight into lives. (And fascinating to see how they decorated their apt.)

*I wake from a dream that begins in Paris and ends in Venice. R is with me but we loose one another in the crowd and my cellphone won't reach him. Suddenly I am in a gondola with Michelle Williams (whose picture I just saw at the bookstore) and her boyfriend, a polo player who models for Ralph Lauren. The gondola begins to sink influencing Michelle to leap out onto the plaza by St Mark's. I wake knee deep in canal with my purse flooded with water thinking, "I hope I do not get an eye infection like Katherine Hepburn." In real life the wind is tearing up the trees and a cold front is coming.

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