Tuesday, September 15, 2009


*Icy rain falling in a bowl created by mountains. A fitting place and weather for a Scottish fest. We walk through air dense with the aromas of food vendors--haggis, pasties, tea, whiskey, turkey legs, kettle corn. Ah! Refuge in an enormous white tent where I find a ring Heart tearing music created by men in swirling kilts. Leaping young ladies with hair in buns. Throwing of heavy metal balls. Hugh hairy dogs. Sheep gently guided around a pen by a dog in control. Happy people.

*My fingers are numb when we finally climb into the car.

*And the next day we visit a blue domed round church inside of which are men in long black robes with long beards. Chanting, incense, Greek hymnals. Aromas await us outside:lamb, spices, ouzo. Little girls heel and toe with arms in the air. The sun shines.

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