Thursday, April 22, 2010

hiatus over

Our fam has been gliding (actually, holding onto the main mast for dear life through the chopiest of choppy waters)on a sea of medical sticky wickets since Jan 17th. As a result of the turmoil I have not listed gems for awhile. "Who reads your blog anyway, MOM" says a son whom I forgive for his youthful distain of my blogland endeavours.
Well so what? If no one one reads my blog is it still a blog? (reference to tree falling in forest sans listener).
It was lung and bile duct cancer--given a 2-3 month life. But it is over and R and I managed to laugh along the route--however impolite the laughter during the travails of the dying. Jeez! What am I saying? Laughter kept us sane because after all we were the ones making the yucky decisions and still making the after life ones.
So here goes---

*I looked out today and spring smacked me (unhurt) in the face:fruit tree blooms about to burst, the greeness on the foothills as I drove west, mallards mating....

*I found liquid Omega-3, chocolate flavored. I hadn't been doing Omega-3 because the capsules were toooo big to get down my throat.

*We may get to move into a bigger (slightly), sunnier (on the west side) apt with a niftier floor plan.We'll find out May 1.

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