Monday, April 26, 2010

morning dog, simple, sprinklers

*As I stumble out to the big room, R begins to tell me the story of taking the dog outside first time today. I laugh throughout the day when I think of it. Will it be as funny when I tell it here? The dog sleeps in the bathroom(easier to tidy up messes) and R puts her collar on there to carry her down the stairs. (She was born in Nov 1993 so the stairs are difficult for her.) Today he set her down on the sidewalk. Thump! Over she falls. He picks her up and sets her on the grass. Thump! Over she falls. R finally bent down to inspect this dog-who-continues-to-fall-over and discovers that he has caught her front paw up into her collar as he put it on her. I giggle because I can imagine how dopey-sleepy he must have been and the dog's response, "Oh, well. Now what are they doing to me?"

*Confined to a chair or bed it is fun to slip back into doing simple things and just thinking.

*Watching landscapers fiddle with automatic sprinkler systems.

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