Monday, December 5, 2016

hide, day, tip

* Frankie hides metal napkin rings in her bra.Shivers."Ee! COLD!"

* A jacketless day. Marvelous clouds of the front coming in.

* Tip: When a mammo is scheduled for the afternoon do normal things in the morning. Pick up dog poop. Shop for toilet paper. Drool at (but not on) the donuts at Whole Foods. Get chased out of said WF for photographing luscious produce without permission. Buy beer for someone who is not supposed to have any. Pause in the whisky aisle because you just saw a documentary about Islay whiskey brewing (?) and wow are you thirsty. Buy Canadian Club instead, after fainting at the Islay prices. Drive home to let slip the dogs of war. Accept Meals on Wheels with great gratitude. Write a blog.

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