Friday, December 2, 2016

ride, brook, book

* After I have completed my errands there is time before 4 pm so I start on my favorite drive -- maybe for the last time this year because of the snow forecast. Up, up around the res. "Beware of falling boulders" on the left. The lower water level reveals a shoreline of summer mystery.  Over the first foothill with houses perched on either slope, past a trailhead on to a long valley. I am the only car so I can putter and travel slowly past furry horses brought down from the mountains for the winter. A continuous cycle, they fertilize the pasture in the winter and while they are galloping in the mountains in warm weather their winter food is grown. Past llamas and alpacas and rusted farm machinery and quarries. I turn at a brick schoolhouse, back to the town and medical equipment, blood sugar numbers, insulin gauges and his pain. But my ride has been refreshing and joyful!

* The brook on the way to the post office is trimmed with lacy ice.

* A book in the mail: Our Man in Charleston -- a snowy week-end's read.

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