Wednesday, February 13, 2008

dogs, tea,cafe, smile

*We travelled south on a road with rounded hills past yellow fields of chirping prairiedogs standing on their hind legs swiveling their heads round almost 360 degrees.

*Off the road is a tea producing place--an enormous building which imports all the ingredients for the making of tea, mixing up the tea (without the water), then delivers it.We find a place in the car park far away from the entrance door and walk next to the long building to the door. With each foot that we walked we were immersed in the aroma of a different tea: mint, green--gosh, I cannot name them all but by the time we make it to the door my head is full of tea and part of me just wants to stay outside and smell the teas. (I dream of living nearby.)In we go. Once we took a tour of the place. We had to wear little white coats and hats so that we would not taint the tea. The mint room was incredible. Today we enjoyed all the tea paraphernalia (tea pots, mugs, cups, cookies----)and bought some.

*Full of tea tastings we sat in the garden where I noticed a sign with an arrow pointing to "the Celestial Cafe".

*The lady digging in an urban garden shared a huge smile with me.We did not say a word to one another and I understood her joy at working in the soil once again.

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