Thursday, February 21, 2008

forsythia, ride, "Daddy"

*Forced fragile forsythia screaming at me as I go into the market, "Take me home."

*Shall I tidy up the garden (such a jolly warm sunny day) but wait, no wind (for the first time in days)must get on bike.

*As we stroll along looking into shop windows ("window licking" the French say)up behind us come 3 nannies pushing a pram and pulling 2 wagons (5 children in all). We smooge to the right so they can go around us. We catch up with them waiting for the cross light. While we sit on a long bench they walk up a block and turn around to come back past us. Just past us they pause and chat. Up comes a young man and one of the wagon riders shouts, "Daddy!" Daddy picks him up (still in diapers, must not be too far over 2). But oops! After hugging and talking Daddy must go and little boy howls.

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