Tuesday, February 19, 2008

granola, after dinner, lying in the sunshine

Sorry for the lapse in posting DIAMONDS--here are today's.

*Flax granola from the local healthy store. After I eat a really small bowlful I wiggle my tongue around between my teeth to edge out the flaxseeds caught between. Then a chomp and yum. The healthy store is such fun to visit because everyone inside--workers and visitors--are happy, smiling and it smells so good there. Right inside the door is the flower section which is heaven for me.

*After dinner we sit with our laptops--talking, joking, explaining the day. I jump up to lift the dog onto the couch and have to repeat the lifting time and again as I get off to get a pencil and SHE jumps down ("She's going into the kitchen--she might drop food on the floor."), ("She's turning off the porch light--well, she has to walk through the kitchen to reach the switch.") and so on all night until we climb the stairs to bed. If we stay up beyond HER bedtime SHE climbs the stairs halfway and reproachfully looks through the banisters at us. SHE for the fluffy one of us.

*I lay on my birthday chair in the garden, a tea towel over my eyes. I turn the chair to follow the daily-growing-springlike sun as it moves around the garden. And of course I garden plan. Shall I give the weeping crabapple tree to Cynthia for her daughter and dig a pond in its place. What kind of pond. On and on until I go into the house and view my face raccooned by the tea towel.

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