Monday, August 17, 2009

aroma, cafe, library

*I pickle cucumbers and an allspice-cloves-bayleaf-vinegary aroma permeates the apt.

*The cafe of the market is full of shiny faced children in new clothes brought in for breakfast by their moms and grammas on the first day of school. We all sit on creaky wire chairs spotlighted by sunshine which shimmers in through the hugh garage door type open windows. The sprightly music adds to the atmosphere of anticipation for the new school year with new school supplies. Sitting around two tables pushed together in the corner is a group of elderly women enjoying the yearly ritual.

*The university classes have not begun, however, and the library is deserted. My shoes squeak over the tile in the atrium as I walk towards the elevator (let's save the knees today). Up three stories I find a cushioned chair, take in the view westward and settle in to read.

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