Sunday, August 23, 2009

flops, cylinders, the plains...

*The flop of flip-flops (or is it the flip?).

*Highly polished silver metal cylinders stacked horizontally lengthwise sparkling in the sun.

*We drive out onto the plains:
--a farmer on a tractor giving his wheat field a butch haircut
--derelict houses that I want to rescue, live in and restore
--stinky feedlots of sheep
--long sprinklers with hanging down showers-the sprinklers travel in circles so the
irrigated fields are circular. Have you seen them from the air?
--fields of sugarbeets
--racing a parallel train
--the yellow of stately sunflowers goes on and on in fields
--golden cubes of hay
--heat shimmering from a silver quonset hut (I am particularly fond of quonset huts)
--in a field of sugar beets last year's seeds have sprouted so that there are taller corn
plants in among the short dark green leaves of sugar beets

A marvelous day. My senses are satiated.

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