Tuesday, August 11, 2009

words, dog walk, lost

*While sitting around the table eating food untame in the mouth we begin to pronounce words that feel good in our mouths:ghurka (or is it because it reminds me of pickles?), parapluie, trubka, trottoir--on and on until we fizzle out into laughter.

*K walks the dog with me (black plastic bag over my hand in preparation) and we catch up on what we've been doing which for me is the Stupa, the tea factory, sushi and for her is waiting for a reply from a grant so she can enroll in school. I am so exhausted (happily, very happily) from our visitor that I am totally zonked and begin two stories about animals who meet bazaar deaths. I stop in the middle of both of them (when I realize how rather depressing they are) and laugh. Passing the pink rose bush which is still fragrantly in bloom I stop to exclaim how great that (the blooming) is. Feeling redeemed we continue on.

*I can't find the labeller in all the wonderful visitor confusion but I will never lose the dog because she follows me around as I go from room to room.

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